Buffett and Gates: Keeping America Great

Quiz: Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: The Billionaire BFFs

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Warren Buffett is often referred to by what nickname?

  1. "The Godfather Of Soul"
  2. "The Hedgehog"
  3. "The Oracle Of Omaha"
  4. "The Prince Of Darkness"

Webster's Dictionary defines the word “oracle” as “a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions,”and Warren Buffett has been just that for decades. His stock purchases have always been guided by a calm demeanor and a broad perspective, so while less savvy financiers make panicked investments in response to market fluctuations, Buffett's wait-and-see approach has allowed him to identify reliably profitable stocks, buy them at bargain rates, and stroll off into the sunset.

SOURCE: How to Make Money The Buffett Way | U.S. News & World Report