Why 'Big Is Beautiful' in Emerging Markets

Investors should focus on companies that ride on demand-growth in emerging markets, such as Wal-Mart and McDonald's , said Daphne Roth, Asia head of equity research at ABN AMRO Private Banking.

"We have Wal-Mart again in our 'Big Is Beautiful' (portfolio) because it is one of the biggest retailers (that) continues to focus on cost-savings for the consumers... it continues to expand into emerging markets where growth is," she said on CNBC Asia Pacific's Protect Your Wealth.

"These companies have good branding, good balance sheets, good market share and are leaders in their markets," Roth added. "A lot of these companies have a lot of growth coming from emerging markets, and this is the distinguishing feature going forward."

Budget carrier Ryanair and automakers that produce cheaper cars, such as Hyundai Motor and Renault, are all long-term 'hold' stocks for Roth, thanks to the growing appetite for their products and services from emerging markets.

"A lot of people there are growing more affluent. We have a growing population of middle class families, and of course, emerging markets will have an increasing share of the global GDP," she noted.

A 'New Age of Services'

Roth was also upbeat on companies that service international trade, such as SGS, which verifies the quality of products from exporting countries like China.

"We still think this is a very important area and find it increasingly attractive going forward, because world trade is increasing again."

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