I Have to Leggo My Eggo

It may be the strangest shortage since the world went nuts over tulips. Eggo Waffles have nearly disappeared from store shelves. I know this because Eggos are one of the few things my son will eat, other than sushi (don't ask).


Turns out that flooding in Atlanta is the main cause behind a disruption of Eggo manufacturing WHICH COULD LAST EIGHT MONTHS. This national crisis was first reported by Consumerist,which even posted photos of empty freezer shelves taken by a frustrated shopper.

Some thought the shortage might be related to the case of Listeriafound in some Eggos in September.


The mystery was finally solved when Kellogg's posted a statement on its Web site. "Eggo recently experienced supply constraints caused by flood damage at our bakery in Atlanta." The company would not tell me the cost of repairing the damage caused by heavy rains in September, but it also says part of the problem is "we've been making significant equipment and repairs" to its largest waffle bakery in Rossville, Tennessee.


The company says it is allocating available product "based on historical percentage of business," so I expect to benefit from my many years of single-handedly boosting same store sales in my area.

Kellogg's says getting Eggos back in store freezers is "a top priority," but it may not be able to get distribution up to full speed until the middle of 2010.

The company also provides a number you can call if you have questions about the Great Eggo Shortage of 2009: 866-971-3320. I wonder how many people actually call these numbers to ask questions like, "Where are my Eggos?" Naturally, I called. I asked the very polite customer service representative if he's gotten many calls from the public about Eggos being scarce. "Not too many, to be honest with you."

Obviously he doesn't live at my house.

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