Get Paid Six Figures to Wear a T-Shirt?

From the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that file, we present Jason Sadler, a man whose full-time job is wearing T-shirts.

Wearing T-shirt with text Multi tasking Woman
Photo Credit: Jason Sadler
Wearing T-shirt with text Multi tasking Woman

[We’ll pause for a moment to give you a chance to kick yourself.]

Here’s how it works: Every day, he wears a T-shirtfrom a different company. He blogs about it. Tweets about it. Uploads photos. Plus, he does a live-streaming video on YouTube every day at 3pm, where he answers viewer questions.

“I am a full-time T-shirt wearer,” Sadler explains.

Companies pay him anywhere from $1 to $365 to wear their shirt, based on the day of year. Jan. 1 is $1, the 2nd is $2, and so on, until Dec. 31, which is — you guess it — $365.

We’ll take the math out of that for you: Sadler made nearly $85,000 this past year — just from wearing T-shirts — and he expects it to double next year.

He rarely leaves the house but don’t call this guy a slacker — he says he works 12- to 14-hour days and even while he’s on vacation.

According to the official “terms and conditions,” Sadler says, “If I am sick, I am still going to get dressed. If I am at some fancy wedding in Maine, I will still wear your shirt under the tuxedo, and make sure I get lots of pictures on the dance floor.”

He’s worn shirts for online-shoe retailer, identity-protection site Lifelock.comand even Bill Cosby, who was trying to build his social brand online, Sadler said.

The weirdest T-shirt he’s ever worn?

Probably the “House of Bachelorettes,”a women’s bachelorette and accessory company. They had him go the full distance, adding a feather boa, wand and tiara to his ensemble that day.

And it’s not just for companies. Sadler says individuals can buy a spot for personal use — say your grandmother’s 80th birthday — or if you want to propose to your significant other in a “fun, Internet way.”

As if you don’t feel bad enough that you didn’t think of this first, his business has been so successful that he’s hiring a second full-time T-shirt wearer and for 2010 — which is already booked through July — he’s charging double rates. So, $2 for Jan. 1, $730 for Dec. 31. He also plans to branch out into Canada, South America and Europe.

That's right — he’s taking this T-shirt thing global.

Aside from getting paid to basically get dressed in the morning, Sadler says it also shaves a few minutes off his morning routine.

“Now I have only half a decision to make,” he quips, adding that he’s hoping to sell his pants next year and remove all the guess work from his morning.

Oh, and in case you were wondering — you know you were — he's already sold his underwear.

“Not even joking,” Sadler said. “I have an underwear deal — with Tommy John.” (The clothing line, not the former baseball pitcher.)

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