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Quiz: What Do You Know About Big Media Companies?

The sale of NBC Universal to Comcast as part of a joint venture with General Electric creates one the world's largest media companies. It's just the latest in a series of mergers and acquisitions in the media world --- deals that in many cases united content producers with content distributors.

Some of these combinations were expected (the Comcast-General Electric negotiations had leaked to the public weeks before the agreement was reached and Comcast's desire to take control of NBC was no secret). Others were surprising (AOL's 2000 merger with Time Warner).

Deals and attempted deals date back to the heyday of the American movie business in the 1920s, through the development of radio and television networks, into the age of Google and Facebook.

Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of the biggest and best-known mergers, as well as some less familiar but nonetheless historic media marriages.

Posted 4 Dec 2009