'Gropenhagen': Free Sex Coupons Available at Climate Summit

Things are really heating up in Copenhagen ahead of the UN climate summit there next week.


The city sent out postcards to area hotels, urging guests not to solicit sexfrom prostitutes while they’re in town, German magazine Der Spiegel reports.

They went so far as to come up with an eco-friendly tagline: “Be sustainable — don’t buy sex.”

Copenhagen, it’s worth noting, is in Denmark, one of those European countries that gets very specific about its prostitution laws: The act is legal, but it’s not legal to run a brothel.

The girls didn't take the flyers lying down, if you will. They lashed back (whapisshhh!) at the city by offering free sex to anyone who flashes one of the warning post cards and their conference ID badge, the Web site avisen.dkreports.

And now, of course, it’s being called the “Gropenhagen Conference.”

You know it’s only a matter of time before there are Gropenhagen post cards, T-shirts and coffee mugs.

Now that is how you stimulate an economy.

Is it hot in here — Or is it just the global warming talking?