'Gropenhagen' T-Shirts: Get Your Global Warming On

A couple of valuable lessons for the Copenhagen municipal government as the UN climate summit gets underway there this week:

Source: djtees.com

1) When you say "sex worker," no one hears the rest of your sentence. They just hear "sex worker." (Sorry, what?)
2) You can't bring a postcard to a sex fight.
3) Things move fast on the Internet and anything you say can and will be used against you on a T-shirt.

After the city sent out postcards to area hotels last week, urging guests to not solicit sex from the city's many legal prostitutes while in town, sex workers revolted, turning those postcards into coupons for free sex. That earned it the nickname the “Gropenhagen Conference” in European media.

And now, someone has turned it into a T-shirt.

"I found the Lady Mayor of Copenhagen's post card very silly," said Jorgen Angel, a rock photographer who suggested the idea to UK shirt maker DJ Tees, which he works with to make shirts out of his rock band photographs.

Angel said he thought the tagline of the Copenhagen post card "Be sustainable—don't buy sex," was ridiculous.

"I mean, no fossil fuel is used during 'the act,' as far as I know, and there isn't much CO2 emission, is there?" he said.

DJ Tees started selling the shirts, which say: "Gropenhagen: Climax Conference 2009," on their Web site (http://djtees.com/gropenhagen) over the weekend. They're not being sold at the conference amid concerns about protests and violence.

The shirts cost 17.99 pounds (about $30), which includes shipping to anywhere in the world, and come in eight different colors.

And for those who prefer not to wear their Gropenhagen on their sleeve, DJ Tees makes mugs, which sell for 11.99 pounds ($20), including shipping.

DJ Tees sent Gropenhagen T-shirts to the spokesperson for the sex workers in Copenhagen, who loved it, as well as the Lady Mayor of of Copenhagen, who, uh, has not yet responded.

One thing's for sure: You'll never hear someone say, "I went to Gropenhagen and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!"