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Quiz: Illegal Gambing

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Which of the following is legal in South Carolina?

  1. Playing Backgammon in a church
  2. Playing cards in a barn
  3. Playing cards on the Sabbath
  4. Playing dice in your own house

According to the South Carolina penal code, it is illegal "in any house" to play "any game with cards or dice," with the exception of Backgammon and whist. This particular bit of state law dates back to the 19th century, but it returned to the spotlight in 2005 when police arrested a group of men for playing dice in their apartment building's rec room. No betting was involved, but it didn't matter --- the law applies as much to high-stakes poker as it does to craps games whose only jackpot is your fellow players' high-fives.

SOURCE: South Carolina Gambling Laws | Cardplayer.com