China's Consumer Growth Story 'Exciting'

Investors should ride on China's consumer growth story as it is the "most exciting segment" in the world, said Tan Teng Boo, CEO of

China is at a stage where private consumption will see quantam leaps over the next 15 years, Tan said on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

Tan was particularly bullish on Parkson Holdings, which is listed on the Malaysian stock exchange, as it has stable operations in both Vietnam and Malaysia, and has also managed its department store business in China very well.

"They have been in the Chinese department store business for the last 15 years (and) have been profitable every year. Growth has been 30% to 40%. They have a business model that is really impressive," he added.

"I think Parkson Holdings (is) one of the most undervalued stocks you can find in Asia," Tan continued.

Tan also highlighted Australia's Mermaid Marine, Hong Kong's New World Department Store and Singapore's Fraser and Neave, as good investments.


Tan has company holdings in Parkson, Fraser and Neave, New World Department Store and has personal holdings in Parkson. does not have an investment banking relationship with any of the firms.