PGA Tour: Site Redesign Unrelated To Tiger

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Earlier today, Henry Blodget’s “The Business Insider” reported that “Tiger Woods is nowhere to be seen” on the new PGA Tour Web site.

Yesterday, Turner Sports and the Tour announced a re-design, but Ty Votaw, the PGA Tour’s executive vice president of communications, told CNBC that the change had nothing to do with Woods.

“Between seasons we always make tweaks to improve fan features and functionality,” Votaw said.

Tiger’s name appears on the front page in the money leaders, but his image doesn’t. Votaw says that’s because “it’s not a static Web site.”

Votaw says that it’s not as if the PGA Tour has avoided elements of the Tiger story. “We’ve included the responsible reports on our Web site.”

Over the last nine days, the site has included seven stories in its news section on Woods.

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