Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution

Quiz: Planet of the Apps: A Hand-held Revolution

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What does the iPhone application "I Am Rich" do?

  1. "I Am Rich" consolidates high-interest credit card debt
  2. "I Am Rich" does nothing
  3. "I Am Rich" finds online gambling websites
  4. "I Am Rich" offers celebrity news updates

Just as "Seinfeld" was a show about nothing, "I Am Rich" was an application that did nothing. When the app was launched, the screen displayed a single button. When the user pressed it, an affirmation would be displayed on-screen that said "I am rich, I deserv it, I am good, healthy & successful." The misspelling of "deserve" was intentional, as was the asking price of $999.99. "I Am Rich" was removed from the App Store the very next day after its release, with a grand total of eight people who actually bought it, one of whom did so by accident.

SOURCE: I Am Rich | Wikipedia.org