Wireless Rules the Day at CES


Seems like all things wireless will own CES this year.

Confirmed: Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will unveil a tablet PC during tonight's keynote, and the race is on to release this device before Apple's tablet hits the market.

Confirmed: Apple will unveil its own tablet at a San Francisco event on January 27 with an expected May release, though that could change. Price range will be $799 to $1,199 depending on configuration.

Confirmed: AT&T will release five Android operating system phones by mid-Spring, including new offerings from Motorola, HTC and Dell. Huge news for Google now that Android is available from every major US wireless carrier, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Confirmed: AT&T will begin supporting WebOS from Palm and Palm will release two new handsets running on the AT&T network.

Confirmed: Legendary tech inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil is entering the e-reader business with his new software, unveiled exclusively by him with me on Power Lunch earlier today called Blio. A software solution, so no new hardware to shlep — take note Amazon and Sony! — with more than a million titles. Great graphics, and good for cookbooks, travel books and a bunch of other content that just doesn't translate nearly as well on Kindle and eReader. Also, a synthesized voice reader too.

Fun stuff so far.

If you missed my interview with Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CDMA president, you should click on it.

This is a company trying so hard to operate behind the scenes, but the secret is out.

This is the company that could be the Intel of the smart phone revolution with its Snapdragon platform. Qualcomm Inside, anyone? Mollenkopf sees huge opportunities in 2010, but won't talk specific customers.

But it stands to reason, that if it's smart, and it's a phone, and it's thin, Qualcomm is the chip under the hood. Might seem like an overnight success to some, but Mollenkopf tells me the company is enjoying a nexus of sorts of a roadmap put into action five years ago.

So far so good.

Tomorrow, we'll hear from Microsoft's Robbie Bach, AT&T Wireless' Ralph de la Vega, Cisco's John Chambers, Sony's Howard Stringer. The show hasn't even officially begun and it's already been a very, busy, busy day.

Stay tuned!


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