Business Model: Inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Quiz: QUIZ: Test Your Swimsuit Issue IQ

In 1963, Sports Illustrated editor Andre Laguerre had a problem. How do you fill magazine pages during the slow month of February? He sent photographer Jule Campbell and bikini-clad model Babette March to the Caribbean island of Cozumel, hoping it would yield enough material to fill the magazine's leftover real estate. The result was the first-ever swimsuit issue, and with that, a billion-dollar institution was born.

The swimsuit issue has its detractors. The National Organization for Women has said that the edition "promotes the harmful and dehumanizing concept that women are a product for male consumption." And there are sports fans who simply don't think models in bathing suits have anything to do with sports reporting. But controversy aside, the swimsuit issue remains one of the most popular products in the history of glossy paper and airbrushing.

How much do you know about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Take the following quiz and find out.

Posted 29 Jan 2010