Quiz: 1960s Boomer Culture

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In what city did the 1968 Democratic National Convention take place?

  1. Boston
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York

The 1968 Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago amidst a tense national mood. Both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated just months earlier, and the Vietnam War was grinding on with no end in sight. Over 100 antiwar groups came to protest, and Mayor Richard Daley welcomed them with an iron-fisted police force, quickly turning the scene outside of the convention hall into a full-scale riot. The conflict came to be known as the "Battle of Michigan Avenue," and lasted for the entire convention. Ironically, the worst of it took place while the politicians inside were debating the Democratic party's "Peace Plank."

SOURCE: Brief History Of Chicago's 1968 Democratic Convention | CNN.com