RIM, BP & Other Picks That Paid

Our traders are good but you knew that! Check out their latest picks that paid in a regular feature we call "Quicker Than The Ticker."

Guy Adami

On December 17th the Negotiator hung up on a smartphone trade at just the right time. “Think about shortingRIM ,” he said. “Now the stock is at levels where it broke down last quarter.”

Looks like the Negotiator turned bearish at just the right time. As you can see from the chart below, since mid-December the trend has been... lower.


Pete Najarian

On December 30th the Pit Boss suggested filling up on a crude oil play. “Look at BP ,” he said. “It’s a great dividend stock that pays you to own this area of energy.”

It’s safe to say Najarian is all gassed up about this trade. Since he said to go long shares have climbed well over 5%.

Karen Finerman

On December 2nd the Chairwoman wrote a prescription for profits with a pharmacy chain. “I like CVS,” she stated simply.

Looks like Finerman knows how to make a portfolio feel better. After a management shake up and strong holiday shopping shares popped 9%.

Tim Seymour

On December 9th the Ambassador suggest a steel name was a steal. “Emissions control discussions keep putting a crimp on Chinese imports in the steel sector,” he said. “That’s very good for US Steel.”

As it turns out it was great for US Steel. Since he suggested a long position shares have surged 34%!


Now that’s Fast Money.

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