T. Boone Is Back

Cramer and legendary energy executive T. Boone Pickens see eye to eye on one very important thing: the potential of natural gas.

Both men want the US to kick its oil addiction and switch to this cleaner commodity. Nat gas emits 50% less carbon dioxide than coal and 20% less than most petroleum-based fuels. And America is sitting on a 100-year supply, which means we could conceivably be far less dependent on the Middle East for our energy needs. Not to mention, the adoption of natural gas in this country would require a mass infrastructure build-out that Cramer said would create much-needed jobs.

And the related stocks are great, too. Cramer has talked endlessly about the amazing returns delivered by Chesapeake Energy , Devon Energy , Apache , Anadarko Petroleum , Ultra Petroleum and Range Resources over the past 20 years.

The one problem, though, is that natural gas has had no big-name champion in Washington. And the industry's puny lobby has been elbowed out by coal's much bigger presence on K Street. While Cramer commended the pro-nat gas legislation now working its way through Congress, it’s no secret that President Obama is a bigger proponent of so-called clean coal.

But then there’s Pickens, who has taken up the banner and is cheerleading the cause to anyone who will listen. He just revised his eponymous plan to de-emphasize wind power and focus more on nat gas, which is exactly what Cramer has promoted on Mad Money.

There are few other people with a better idea of natural gas’ future, and that’s why Cramer invited Pickens back to the show. Watch the video for the full interview.

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