American Greed

Quiz: QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Greed?

Endless volumes have been written about the deadly sin known as greed. While most people condemn it in polite company, the view that "greed is good" has nonetheless gone mainstream. People like radio host Neal Boortz and the late economist Milton Friedman have openly embraced it, claiming that without greed, Americans would not have the gung ho spirit of capitalist competition that's made their country great.

Unfortunately, some people go beyond the spirit of the free market and venture into criminal territory. We're not talking about thugs holding up a 7-11 for $100 and a spool of lottery tickets --- these are people who have concocted schemes that have netted millions of dollars and destroyed many lives.

How much do you know about greed in 21st century America? Take the following quiz and find out.

Posted 22 Jan 2010