Invest With a More Balanced Approach

The global economic recovery has entered into a more mature phase and that calls for a more balanced approach in investing, advised Daphne Roth, Asia head equity research at ABN AMRO.

"All the low fruits have been picked. We expect a lot more volatility so we are advising our clients to move some of their money away from the highly cyclical (stocks) like the consumer discretionary, which we were overweight last year," Roth explained CNBC Asia's Protect Your Wealth.

She is heavily underweight cash because "it is not going to bring you any money at all" but she remains overweight equities, saying this asset class is still in a "sweet spot".

"I think that companies have early in this cycle, cut costs so (their) operating leverage is very high. We just need to see demand pick up," she said.

And that up-tick in demand is evident, which will benefit export-oriented countries like Taiwan and South Korea, she added.

"We have seen demand picking up in Asia itself. If you look at the U.S., (take) the ISM number and also the PMI (for instance). China just confirmed that exports have finally recovered."

China remains on her "overweight" list. She recommends buying into Chinese equities on major dips as the emerging giant still has much to offer in terms of growth.

"We do believe that they will be the first to tighten their policy so that has created a lot of volatility. We are neutral on the banks but we still play the export recovery story, some of the export-related sectors."

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