Bacon Is Better Than Viagra: Argentine President

You’ve got to hand it to the Argentine president — she knows how to, ahem, stimulate an industry.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez
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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez

In announcing subsidies for the nation's pork industry, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez praised the sexual powers of — wait for it — pork.

"I didn't know that eating pork improved sexual ability," Fernandez said after meeting with industry representatives, adding, "It is much more gratifying to eat some grilled pork than to take Viagra."

Whoa. First we found out bacon makes you smarter. Now, it may also make you sexier. Oh, bacon. Is there anything you can't do?

Fernandez went one better to say she can personally testify to pork's abilities after conducting some field research with husband and former president, Nestor Kirchner, and some barbecued pork over the weekend.

"Things went very well," she said. "It could well be true."

The sexy talk on pork was aimed at expanding the protein horizons of Argentina's staunch beef-loving public.

Hey, Detroit, you should give this woman a call. She knows how to get sales sizzling!

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