Mad Mail: Don't Buy Stocks in 2010?

Jim: Thanks for all the great work you do to help investors navigate this crazy market. I would have thought Trinity Industrieswould climb out of the hole it's in with the President's plan to upgrade our rail system. Yet this stock continues to fall. What am I missing here? -Joe in Miami

Cramer Says: "...Trinity also has done a lot of stuff with windmills; we know that the windmill business has slowed because the price of oil has come down. TRN remains a stock that we don't like anymore; we did like it when we thought wind power would be the next big thing..."

Dear Cramer: Thank you for saying what so many of us are feeling. I watch the 11 o'clock Mad Money from my treadmill almost every night…On January 27th, I swallowed hard when you said your charitable trust sold Vale, but thanks to your

advice about buying and selling on a scale, I’ve already taken 25% off. When this happens with a great company like VALE, do you bail, or do you wait for it to bottom and buy more? I'm in a similar position with Caterpillar. -Kate in Connecticut

Cramer Says: "...Sometimes you have to make decisions based on how much exposure it has to China. And like Caterpillar, Vale is so linked to China that every time I picked up the paper and saw that China is tightening I knew I was going to get hammered in Vale. I said enough I'd rather be in some softer stuff..."

Booyah: Given the current market conditions, January and February traditionally being slow months in the market, the uncertainty generated by the State of the Union speech and Friday’s GDP report, am I wrong to feel there’s just not that much upside to having money in a discretionary portfolio in February? Perhaps it’s time to hibernate for the month and peek out of the cave in March? I’m really starting to wonder if we’re going to see a repeat of last year’s March bottom. Thanks for being a good guy. -Brian, Encinitas, CA

Cramer Says: "We are not going to fall prey to any of that stuff. Here's the problem; 2010 is not going to be a great year...Let's take it case by case and not blow out of the whole market..."

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