Archie Manning TV Odds Cause Stir

For years, Super Bowl prop bets have been a popular item for gamblers. But rarely do the sports books see so much action on one side of the bet that the line actually moves.

Archie Manning
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Archie Manning

That’s what happened with the Archie Manning prop bet put forth by online sports book

Last week, Bodog asked bettors, “How many times will CBS show Archie Manning on TV during the game?” Bodog sports book manager Richard Gardner set even odds for the bet with the over/under being two and a half.

But bettors thought that number was low, perhaps because Manning is not only Peyton’s father but his quarterbacking past is of course tied so much to the the Colts' opponents, the New Orleans Saints.

“We based the number on last year’s number for Brenda Warner, which was also two and a half and where people bet the under,” Gardner said. “But with Archie Manning, the money has just flown in on the over. We moved the line to three and then to three and a half and finally we have moved the total times Archie will be shown on television to four.”

Gardner not only made the number four, but he also changed the odds so that someone who bet the over would now win $10 for every $16 bet versus someone who bet the under, who would bet $10 to make $13. Now, Gardner said, the two-way action is starting to come back.

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