Woz's Prius and Sudden Acceleration

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is no stranger to lead-foot syndrome. He was famously pulled over for speeding when authorities clocked his Prius at 105mph, and slapped with a $700 fine for his efforts.

I have detailed Woz's mobile mania, from his speeding tickets to his almost obsessive love of his fleet of Segways. Recently, Wozniak even became a pitchman in a TV commercial for an auto body shop that repairs his Prius' when they don't play nice with other cars on the road.

Now, Woz has joined the chorus over Toyota's sudden acceleration issues and those sticky gas pedals that are dominating the media discourse nowadays. Woz reportedly says his 2010 Prius can unintentionally accelerate to as much as 97mph when he's on cruise control.

The Prius owners chatrooms are full of reports that he has filed his complaints with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but that there hasn't been any response yet. He says he's complained to the government and to Toyota, but so far to no avail.

I'll try to reach Woz later this morning to see if he wants to re-open his traffic cases with this "new evidence" and a new defense.

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