The Newest Cyrus Family Business

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The funny business of the family business.

The Cyrus family, well-known for building an achy-breaky empire around 17-year-old Miley, is now turning its expertise to nine-year-old sister Noah (unusual name for a girl).

Noah is already in the midst of launching a clothing line with her BFF, eight-year-old actress Emily Grace Reaves.

You can get a sense of their fashion sense here on YouTube.

Leopard print mini-dresses are one thing.

Now, however, the Daily Mail reportsthat Noah could open up her family to a flood of bad press.

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves
Brian To | FilmMagic | Getty Images
Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves

Reports surfaced that Noah and Emily Grace plan to launch a line of lingerie for children.

I didn't even know children wore lingerie.

I thought they wore pajamas.

While their regular clothing line is being designed in collaboration with Ooh! La, La! Couture, the Mail reported the two girls were also working on lingerie, described as "trendy, sweet, yet edgy", which they hoped to have ready by Valentine's Day.

That noise you hear is me picking my jaw up off the ground.

That other noise you hear is the engine of enterprise revving up. Noah and Emily Grace are busy promoting their endeavors with an online video channel, and they have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter.

What's the deal with the younger sisters of teen pop stars? Jamie Lynn Spears. Ali Lohan. The sequel never seems to pan out well. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus seem like good parents, but I would've loved to hear the conversation when the lingerie line was suggested and approved.

Well, who, heaven forbid, would buy the stuff? Unfortunately, I think we have a pretty good idea.

As a mother of a 19-year-old woman, I fought for years to keep her from growing up too fast, despite her desires to be just like the Britney's of the world. When she was younger, 11 was the new 15. Now nine is the new 21.

Please, make it stop.

Update: Annie Dugourd, co-founder of Ooh, La La! Couture called me to say any plans to make a line of lingerie "is an absolute lie." She says they are making a line of clothing for Emily Grace, but "we only make tutu dresses...there's no lingerie." She blames the story on a blog by Perez Hilton and says, "It's been devastating for our little company. We're two stay-at-home moms who make tutu dresses. We would never do anything inappropriate."

Well, the tutu dresses are certainly accessorized in interesting ways by the two young girls, but Dugourd says that is not the doing of her company. "We make tank tops attached to tutus."

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