Noah Cyrus Lingerie: "It's a Lie"

Annie Dugourd says she's a "stay at home mom who makes tutu dresses".

She and another mom started Ooh, La La! Couture, the apparel firm named in several reports as the designers behind an upcoming line of lingerie from Miley Cyrus's nine-year-old sister Noah and her best friend, eight-year-old actress Emily Grace Reaves. The two girls are already known for fashion choices many would consider racy for those who aren't even in middle school yet.

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves
Brian To | FilmMagic | Getty Images
Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves

The story appeared in print in several places, raising the hackles of mothers everywhere, including yours truly. So I blogged it.

Dugourd contacted me to say her company is, in fact, designing and manufacturing clothing for the girls, but there are no plans to do lingerie.

"The story is completely's a total lie...we don't make lingerie."

It's not clear where the story started (Dugourd blames Perez Hilton.), but I saw it after it appeared in the London Daily Mail.

"It's been devastating for our little company," says Dugourd, who has a daughter. "We would never do anything inapppropriate." She says that Noah and Emily Grace have no plans to make lingerie using another firm.

One could argue that, lingerie aside, Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves do not dress appropriately, but Dugourd says her company cannot be held accountable for how they accessorize her clothes. "We just make tutu dresses, tank tops attached to tutus."

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