Risky Business: Insurance for Pizza Deliveries

Foodcollection | Getty Images

As the biggest pizza delivery day of the year approaches in Super Bowl Sunday, pizza establishments are comforted by the fact that there are insurance companies that underwrite coverage on pizza delivery drivers in case there is an accident.

It's not a product that is offered by many since, on the surface, it seems to be a fairly risky area to do business in.

Drivers are usually younger than most and they are challenged to deliver the pizza as fast as they can, as their income is usually heavily influenced by the number of jobs through tips.

Pizza delivery insurance has been profitable for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, which insures the biggest chains.

Papa John's expects to sell more than 600,000 pizza pies during The Big Game on Sunday. The industry estimates roughly 350 slices of pizza will be eaten per second of the game.

Despite the challenge presented by Super Bowl Sunday, Brian Gerritsen, senior product director for hospitality for Fireman's, told me he's not concerned that the high volume of deliveries will lead to more claims.

Gerritsen said the number of accidents are normally directly related to the amount of jobs a driver does, but that reps for his company ensure that those insured have a good ratio of drivers to work.

In order to get insured by Fireman's Fund, Gerritsen said pizza places can't have any delivery time guarantee. They also can't use temporary drivers or employ anyone under 18.

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