The Valentine Gift She's Gonna LOVE

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and you haven’t even thought about it, have you?


Well, I’ve got the can’t-miss gift that she is gonna LOVE.

Forget flowers and chocolates. Flowers will die and chocolate will make her fat — and feel bad about herself.

Instead, buy her something she loves. Something that will make her feel fabulous. Something that’s practical in an economy like this. Something that says, “I get you.” The most beautiful word in the English language …


That’s right. Shoes.

Beautiful, glorious, I-feel-pretty-oh-so-pretty … SHOES!

And don’t tell me you don’t know her size.

You go into her closet, and do a random sampling of five of the 100 pairs and you will know her size. Glance at the collection (if you live together, it’s already right there in your home, by the way) and you’ll know her style, too.

“I think shoes are a great gift!” said Lauren Sherman, editor of the Fashionista blog. “Especially now that some cost as much as a diamond necklace.”

She recommends splurging on Christian Louboutin(the ones with the sexy red soles), Pierre Hardy or, for something a little less pricey — Nine West.

But remember: “Lucite high-heeled slippers from Frederick’s of Hollywooddon't count!” she quipped.

(Yeah, you want to make sure you send the message “I get you” — not “I think you’re a hooker!”)

Most importantly, it tells her you support her love of shoes and you’re sorry for all those times you said, “ANOTHER pair of shoes?”

“What's the one thing a shoe fanatic loves more than buying new shoes? Receiving new shoes — especially from her husband or boyfriend,” said Ali Privitera, a colleague on the business side here at and author of the blog Three Inch Heels.

“Yes, they cost a little more than flowers or chocolate, but she will think about you every time she slips them on for a night out, and isn't that the ultimate goal?” Privitera explains. But, she has a few no-no’s of her own: “This doesn’t apply to flip-flops, running shoes or — gasp! — slippers,” she cautioned.

And don’t tell me you weren’t planning on spending that much on your lady. Or that oldie but baddie — You’re afraid you’ll buy the wrong thing.

Buy her a gift card from Zappos, Bluefly, DSW or her favorite shoe shop (you can ask — It doesn’t have to be a surprise) and tell her those three words every woman is dying to hear. No, not “I love you” or “Marry me, please,” but —


Trust me, if you do that, you won’t even need the Barry White album.

And for Him …

ZIRH Warrior Shower Gel
ZIRH Warrior Shower Gel

Now, here’s a little tip for the ladies when shopping for your man this year.

The longer you’re together, the more you fight, the less you compliment one another. And guess what? Guys like to be complimented just as much — if not more! — as we do.

So here’s a great gift idea for him this Valentine’s Day: ZIRH Warrior Shower Gel.

It’s the gift that says, “Baby, you’re my warrior.”

It comes in five chest-beating scents: Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Ulysses, Alexander the Great and Cyrus. Each one comes with a history lesson on the back, to help boost your man’s brain as well as his brawn.

You can buy them at Macy’s and Sephora for $22.50 each — or get the warrior five-pack for $90.

Then, while you’re parading around in your sexy shoes, he can be in the shower, slathering on the spicy wood scent of an Ancient Greek King, pondering what region to conquer!

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