Should The NFL Allow Sale Of Wrong Gear For Haiti?


When the Super Bowl is over on Sunday, the gear that proclaims the wrong champion will be brought to WorldVision headquarters in Pennsylvania and eventually shipped to Haiti.

But my friend and well-known blogger Dan Shanoff caught my attention when he suggested that doing it that way perhaps wasn't the best way to help the people of the earthquake ravaged nation.

Shanoff is calling his idea the "You Lost, They Win" campaign.

Under this plan, the league allows a limited edition amount of "faulty championship" gear to be sold here in order to raise money for the people of Haiti. The market will dictate the price, but assume anything sold won't be sold for less than $100. By doing this, we could provide the people of Haiti with money to get whatever they need to get.

An official with one major retailer suspected that not only would the league not allow the gear to be sold in this country, but that the highest bidders for the gear would be opponents of the loser. In that sense, he says, it turns a positive into a negative.

Shanoff disagreed as to who would be the target market of the gear.

"The championship gear of your team after they lost the game is the Holy Grail of the die-hard fan, and the fan knows they are helping in Haiti," Shanoff said. "The bigger question for me is: When it's a massive success, will they sell other years' versions to expand the potential impact on helping Haiti?" Consider the number of Titans fans who would pay a lot to buy a 'Super Bowl XXXIV Champions' shirt or a Seahawks fan for a 'Super Bowl XL Champs' shirt, not to mention the money you could raise from fans of the Vikings and Bills."

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