Market Tips: 2010 Is About Stocks, Not Markets

Global stocks were mixed on Monday, with European shares rebounding from three-month lows. But investors remained wary of the situation in the euro zone regarding sovereign debt. Experts told CNBC this year is about all about stocks and not markets. They share their investment strategies.

2010 is Market of Stocks

This year is a market of stocks, not a stock market, explains Glenn Rosewall, CEO at BBY.

Don't Give Up on Bull Market Yet

It's too early to give up on the bull market, says Glenn Rosewall, managing director and CEO at BBY.

How to Invest in 2010

As Michael Yoshikami, president & chief investment strategist at YCM Net Advisors, believes it is going to be a very slow recovery for the global economy, he tells CNBC how that is affecting his investment strategy.

2010 — The Year of Global Trade Recovery?

2010 may turn out to be the year of global trade recovery, according to Joseph Wat, fund adviser at Atlantis Asian Recovery Fund. He makes his case.

Risks to Recovery

Policy response and exit strategy are the main risks to recovery, says Matthew Hegarty, senior equities analyst at Global Value Investors. He tells CNBC how he is investing in light of this.

Risk Aversion in Forex Market

The dollar's recent strength is supported by risk aversion, rather than by fundamentals, observes Mario Singh, co-Founder and CEO at FX1 Academy.

Euro Seen Weakening Further

The euro-dollar cross could head towards $1.35 or even lower this week, warns Jim Vrondas, manager of corporate business at OzForex. He tells CNBC what is driving the downward momentum on the euro.

Euro to Stay Soft

Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Bank says the euro could test US$1.35. He remains bullish the dollar versus the euro, saying there is more optimism about US growth policy in the near term than in the eurozone.

Attractive Investments

Gold-denominated and Aussie dollars are attractive, says Andrew Kaleel, co-founder and portfolio manager at H3 Global Advisors.

Commodities Still Outperforming

Commodities continue to show clear out-performance versus other classes, especially due to demand from China, notes Jurg Kiener, CEO at Swiss Asia Capital.

Opportunities in Renewable Energy

The outlook is mostly positive for alternative energy plays but investors should be selective as some stocks are looking a bit pricey, says Ivan Lee, head of Asia power, utilities & renewable energy at Nomura.

Time to Bet on China-Oriented Stocks

Right now is a great time to look at China-oriented stocks, says Brook McConnell, president at South Ocean Management. He tells CNBC why, as well as the stocks he is looking at.

Singapore Banks' Profit Will Rise in 2010

Singapore banks' profit will rise in 2010, says Alfred Chan, associate director of financial institutions at Fitch Ratings. But he tells CNBC that they continue to be vulnerable to external factors.

Outlook for the Taiex

There is unlikely to be a heavy sell-off in the Taiwan market ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year, says Seow Hock Hin, senior VP for institutional sales at MF Global. He offers his take on how the Taiex will fare going forward.