Toyota: Three Times You're Out Or Third Time Is the Charm?

Sam Yeh | AFP | Getty Images

One implies screwing up one too many times. The other suggests you finally get it right.

The question for much of America is which one suits the current situation Toyota finds itself in right now?

After announcing a third major recall in the last five months, Toyota vows that it has its arms around all major safety and reliability problems. Translation: It thinks the biggest problems are now out in the open.

But given the last five months, there is still plenty of skepticism about what Toyota tells us.

Toyota says electronics are not the cause of unintended acceleration. Yet people still say to me, "I don't know, I think something is messed up in the electronics."

Toyota says loose floor mats could entrap gas pedals. Yet people scoff and say to me, "Give me a break. Floor mats are not going to make a car speed uncontrollably."

Toyota says it will win back your trust with safe, reliable cars and trucks. Yet people say to me, "How can these guys talk about trust when they took so long to do these recalls?"

You get the picture.

I haven't done a scientific survey, but if comments from neighbors, friends, and people who e-mail me are any indication there are a lot of people who are not sure the worst is over for Toyota.

Sure, Toyota is running commercials and radio spots pledging to take care of customers and win back our trust, but I wonder if America is ready to buy it?

So you tell me. Tell me if you believe Toyota and why you do or do not think these guys have these problems licked.


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