You Heard It Here First

One of the nice things about writing this blog is how many funky little money-making ideas I come across which continue to thrive.

Here are a couple of examples.

Photo by: Ruth Regina

Last June I introduced you to Ruth Regina, the creator behind Wiggles Dog Wigs.

Regina comes from a long line of wig makers, and she decided to cash in on the great American pet craze by extending her craft to man's best friend .

Her biggest seller at the time was the Sarah Palin dog wig.

When we spoke, times were still a tad tough in the ol' dog wig business--despite what I assume is a lack of competition--but things were looking up.

Fast forward seven months.

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, dogs taking part in the Westminster Fashion Show & Golden Paw Awards charity event will be wearing dog wigs.

Wiggles dog wigs.

Yes, Ruthie has hit the big time, in a benefit leading up to the Westminster Dog Show.

When I heard the news, I checked back with her to see how things are going. "Since your blog we have received inquiries from around the world," Regina writes. She says the fashion show called her (not the other way around!) and asked her to provide the wigs. She's sending 9 hairpieces, including a curly pink Shirley Temple wig for a cream mixed breed dog named Molly, a brown Beatles style wig for a red Chihuahua named Eli, a dreadlock wig for a cream Labradoodle named Bocker, and something called the "Joe the Bartender" wig for a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Wyatt.

Which will be best in show? Stay tuned. ?

Also in June of 2009 I introduced you to something far more eyebrow-raising than dreadlocks on a Labradoodle. I had discovered a new blog called "Don't Even Reply ", written by a poor college student named John Lindsay who got fed up with the way people treated him on Craigslist when he tried to buy a car. So he decided to start punking people on sites like Craigslist, trying to see who would take the bait when he would imply that he was an ex-con trying to babysit your kids, or a quadriplegic whom you should hire as a mover.

He recently responded to someone with this listing:

**** Disguisable weapons wanted ****

Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc.....

Offering: cash, items for barter


Lindsay wrote back with offers of several such weapons, including a picture of one, seen here.

Back in June, I called Lindsay "Sasha Baron Cohen on the internet."

He had just started the blog and said he was already averaging 200,000 hits a day, making a little money from ads. "I am also working on a book based off of the site, after many suggestions to make one," he told me.

The book is now set to come out in early April, called "Emails From An A**hole ".

"The site really got a lot of attention since we last spoke," Lindsay tells me. "I've had a lot of talent agencies and advertising companies contact me about various things, as well as job offers and marriage proposals from fans. I decided to sign with International Creative Management and they got me a book deal with Sterling Publishing."

ICM? Wow! So, is he rich? "I am still in college and not rich by any means."

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