Cramer’s Power Play

Starting off Wednesday’s Stop Trading!, Cramer told viewers that Jarden is one of the top importers in the US, ranking 14 on a list of companies making their products overseas and bringing them here via container-carrying ships. This probably won't come as much of a suprise to viewers, but it's cheaper to outsource that production work to other countries. But the practice leaves the US is a bit of a lurch, contributing to an already outsized deficit with our trading partners.

That makes Jarden “part of the trade imbalance," Cramer said.

Next up, the company Whole Foods Market . Even though they are in a short squeeze, Cramer said, the shorts missed that WFMI “is the best [place] to take food home from.” In fact, he thinks this is the key reason the company “made their quarter.”

And even with the Shaw Group being a player in the two nuclear power plants that will be built with federal loan guarantees, Cramer thinks the company URS is the better play right now.

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