Apple vs. Google—The Better Buy: Portfolio Manager

There’s an economic and fiscal struggle that’s going to create volatility throughout the year, said Noah Blackstein, portfolio manager at Dynamic Mutual Funds. He shared his market outlook.

“The tug of war is going to be between the strong earnings…versus the end of the stimulus,” Blackstein told CNBC.

Meanwhile, Blackstein recommended that investors look into Apple .

“A lot of the hype that went into the quarter and into the iPad pulled the stock back,” he said. “The smartphone trend continues…and their growth continues.”

On the other hand, Blackstein foresees problems with Google’s Internet search business.

“If more people are using smartphones and mobile, what does that mean for Internet searches? I think Google is in a tougher spot than what people think,” he said.

“This is a real risk for Google’s business model of selling ads through search bars.”

“If ads are now embedded in apps and more people are using iPads and smart phones, it’s a bigger risk and uncertainty for Google."

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