Position for a US Recovery; Buy Korea Plays

Invest in countries that are more sensitive to U.S. economic growth, said Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio management at Barclays Wealth.

Niem told CNBC that while investors should be mindful of the government's eventual exit from stimulus measures, he said he believes policy makers would not act until they see evidence of a sustained pick up in the economy and investors should ride on that growth.

"A lot of people are very hesitant because of the rather weak employment data. However, it's going to take several months of quite strong employment data before there's any risk of serious tightening, so as that happens we think there would be good opportunities for investors," he said on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

S. Korea Offers 'Best Value'

Niem said he favored the South Korean and Indian markets, with Korea as "the best value market within Asia."

He singled out the country's shipping-related stocks, which are doing relatively well after underperforming in 2009.

"As global trade recovers, that brings the recovery in shipbuilding a little bit closer, even though it's probably a year out before that happens, and it's also a good value sector, so we like that," he said.

South Korea's insurance firms were also on his radar, as he explained, "there could be some stimulus to the sector as the big life insurance companies are getting listed."

Niem said he holds a two-pronged strategy when it comes to China -- one for sectors where investors need to buy on dips and those that can continue to deliver growth.

"There are some sectors, particularly Chinese property, the mobile phone sector, and also the petrochemical sector, which we think have pretty good value right now. I think the downside is it's limited, so we've been looking to add positions on weakness," he said.

He added that the technology sector, the supermarket players and certain consumer stocks which offer value are still going up and should continue to do well.

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