Bride Porn—It's Not What You Would Think

Porn for the Bride
Porn for the Bride

News flash: men and women are different.

Thank goodness.

The porn industry is targeted mostly at men. Most women—not all—don't find watching plasticized over-endowed naked people rolling around much of a turn on.

So, guys, how do you get your gals all worked up?


A new book called "Porn For The Bride" gives would-be grooms (and all men) tips on keeping a relationship sexually satisfying.

We're not talking about candle wax.

Instead, the authors, a cheeky group called The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative, suggests that to ensure a "hot honeymoon," grooms "actually be involved in the wedding planning."

Flash News reports that inside the book you'll find a bare-chested "groom" who "can't wait to look at china patterns"—"Tiffany or Limoges? It's so hard to choose." Another groom-ilicious hunk considers "getting a head start" on writing thank-you notes.

However, in what may be the sexiest suggestion of all, the authors highlight the after-wedding prospects for grooms who "insist the bride put on some weight before the wedding day...who wouldn't say 'I do' to that?"


Not much is known about the group behind the book.

The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative describes itself as "a secret society of women working to redefine the way we look at pornography. They understand that sometimes a clean kitchen is hotter than a guy in a muscle shirt."

I wonder if I can start an LA chapter?

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