Yahoo Is Marching Forward, We'll Prove It: CEO Bartz

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz told CNBC Tuesday that the market is undervaluing the Internet company, which will continue to focus on generating more advertising, revenue, and a larger customer base under her leadership.

"Companies don't 'turn around' in a year," Bartz said. "What Yahoo is going to do is steadily march forward ... We know what we're doing, and we're going to prove it to you."

Yahoo has been under scrutiny for more than a year, after former CEO Jerry Yang declined Microsoft's offer to buy the company for $36 a share. With Yahoo currently valued at about $16 a share, it's caused many to wonder when the company's shares will rise — and put pressure on Bartz.

Though she laughed and, in jest, said, "Sure," she would have accepted the Microsoft offer, Bartz referred to Yahoo as the "bracelet," not the "trinket."

She said that any company could be bought out at the right price, but since she isn't shopping the Yahoo, she doesn't know what that "right price" would be.

"It's just a matter of focusing on our users ... [and] focusing on our advertisers so they can reach those users."