From Mr. Burns to Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs

Harry Shearer has long poked fun at Corporate America as the voice of Homer Simpson’s diabolical boss Mr. Burnson “The Simpson’s.”

Harry Shearer
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Harry Shearer

But with his new CD, “Greed and Fear,”the poignant jabs have a beat you can tap your toe to.

Each track has a decidedly different musical style from the banjo-strumming “Glimmers of Hope” to the 80s feeling “Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs,” the jazzy “Dead Cat Bounce” and the lounge-y title track, “Greed and Fear.”

It’s what the financial crisis would sound like if it were a musical variety show.

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Listening to it, you half expect Donny and Marie Osmond to come out wearing fake moustaches, playing the roles of “Mr. Goldman” and “Mr. Sachs.”

You know Goldman was a little bit country— and Sachs was a little bit rock ‘n roll!

The CD, which includes 10 tracks and comes with a digital booklet, is available for $8.49 on

Click hereto listen to some sample tracks.

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