Man's Newest Weapon—The Five-Inch High Heel

I work with Lori Spechler—producer, booker, journalist, mom. Lori wants to look stylish.

Who doesn't?

High-end fashion is one area that's been holding up better than other areas of retail. But Lori has discovered its dark underbelly—a trend that may actually be a plot by men to make women miserable.

Here's her take in this Funny Business Guest Blog: I'm Not Gaga Over Five-Inch Heels by Lori Spechler, CNBC Producer.

I would like to offer this observation: women's shoes have gotten ridiculously high.

Not just in trendy boutiques. Sexy stilettos now seem to be the norm from Nordstrom to Zappos.

Michael Kors

But it was the 5-inch heels on the Michael Kors 'Astor' Sandal that put me over the edge.

These shoes are clearly meant for the average woman, but who's wearing them?

I mean, the 4-inch heels are scary high, but 5-inch heels?

That's ridiculous! ?

Maybe that's the strategy. Once you see 5-inch heels, four inches won't seem so uncomfortable anymore. ?

I can hear my daughters whining now, '...but Mom, they're not the 5-inch heels!'

Here's the shocking part.

Guess who's behind this trend? 'From Giuseppe Zanotti to Christian Louboutin, it's mostly men,' says Retail Analyst & CNBC Contributor Hitha Prabhakar. 'It's not a torture device, even though people may think that. It's where fashion is going. It's the longer leg, the shorter skirts - we are going back to the 60's, 70's where music is art and clothes are costume.'

Only a real heel would do this to women. ?

Are there classes to teach you how to walk in these things? Found one . But, realistically, Prabhakar says, "there's no way that women who are walking around all day are wearing them." Seriously. Have you ever tried to walk a city block in 'lowly' 3-inch heels? Stand in line? It ain't easy.

Fashionistas will be out in force this Sunday for the biggest night in Hollywood, the Oscars. I'm curious to see how many actresses will show up in 5-inch heels. Will it be a night of stumbles on the Red Carpet? Tune in...

Bottom line: tough season to be a lady, unless you're Lady Gaga.

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