My 4 Tech, Health & Retail Picks: Portfolio Manager

Markets rebounded on Thursday as jobless claims came in better than expected and some Dow components received analyst upgrades. How should investors position their portfolios? Ron Sloan, senior portfolio manager at Invesco AIM, shared his stock plays.

Sloan’s Recommendations:

CVS—“We like health care ideas that are levered to volume increases,” Sloan told CNBC.

“No matter what health care legislation is passed, we’re going to send another 10 to 30 million people through the system and this is one of the best generic plays in the market.”

Safeway—“Safeway’s one of the few companies that have been investing back in their business,” he said. “They’ve also made a huge investment in lifestyle stores in California.”


Nokia—“It’s a really powerful manufacturing company and they know how to make cheap phones that work in the emerging world,” he said of the firm. “Nokia also has good market share.”

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Sloan’s firm owns shares of CVS, SWY and NOK.