S&P to Hit 1200 & Jobs to Grow: Market Pros

Markets gained on Friday amid relief that employers cut a smaller than expected 36,000 jobs in February. What should investors expect from stocks going forward? Uri Landesman, head of global growth at ING Investment Management, and Tommy Williams, president of Williams Financial Advisors, shared their insights.

Markets are "headed a little bit higher in the short term,” Landesman told CNBC.

“We’re moved right now by a lot of M&A activity and decent news on the economic front.”

Landesman said the S&P will reach 1,150 “for sure,” and could take a short-term run at 1,200.

In the meantime, Williams said the economy will start improving when small businesses feel less skeptical and more confident.

“It’s great to have a jobs number this morning that’s positive,” he said. “Within the next few month, we should be seeing about 200,000 jobs a month added, but that’s going to come from small businesses.”

“Most of America works for companies with 50 or fewer people, so that’s where America’s rebound is going to come from and that looks pretty good,” he continued.

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