6 Mid-Cap Stocks that Outperform Large-Caps: Portfolio Manager

Mid-cap stocks have outperformed large caps over the past month. Will the trend continue—and how should you be invested? Thyra Zerhusen, portfolio manager at Aston Optimum Mid Cap Fund, shared her best plays.

“Mid-caps are misunderstood, underinvested and you find a lot of interesting names in the mid-cap space that have great product, the ability to grow market share," Zerhusen told CNBC.

"And you have to pick them and know them well,” she added.

Zerhusen said she prefers companies with products that help customers become more efficient.

“Fifty-percent of our holdings have 50 percent or more of their revenues from outside the U.S," she explained. "So they are doing really well and they are doing better than large-caps."

Zerhusen’s Mid-Cap Picks:

H&R Block

McGraw Hill


FMC Technologies




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