5 Portfolio Plays for Next Week: Strategists

Marc Harris, co-head of Global Research at RBC Capital Markets, and Bob Phillips, managing partner at Spectrum Management Group, told CNBC how investors should prepare their portfolios for the week ahead.

Harris’ Recommendations:

Abbott Labs—“They’ve got a number of drugs that’s keep the momentum going,” Harris told CNBC. “This is a good quality solid name, especially as we move into the backhalf on defensive.”

Freeport McMoRan—“You’ve got copper and it’s a great place to be...Everyone’s trying to buy the hard assets,” he said. “We’re talking about 40 percent earnings momentum, we’re talking cash flow out the wazoo and it’s just a great story.”

Education Management—“Here’s a company that has one large school that drives the story,” he said of the firm. “It is a for-profit school, but filled with young kids… It works and it has more momentum.”

Phillips’ Recommendations:

ITT Educational—“They are an education company, for-profit...they train people in the industries that the economy needs today,” said Phillips.

Cisco—“They’re in the forefront of great earnings momentum, the earnings report last month was outstanding. And we think it’s a great conservative way to buy growth and get some return out of the market, as we see the market continuing to do well towards the end of this year,” he said.

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Harris does not own shares of EDMC, ABT and FCX.

Phillips personally owns shares of CSCO and ESI.