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Quiz: Quiz: Political Scandals

The day after David Paterson was sworn in as governor of New York, he went on television and admitted to past drug use and extramarital affairs. The idea was to protect himself from the type of scandal that had brought down his predecessor, prostitution enthusiast Eliot Spitzer. However, it wasn't enough. In February 2010, Paterson was accused of witness tampering on behalf of a top aide, and the allegations were so damaging that he withdrew his re-election bid.

Politicians have been embroiled in scandals for as long as the job description has existed. The United States has been no exception, boasting a mass of public servants who have engaged in unsavory activities when they were supposed to be tirelessly advancing the common good.

How much do you know about American political scandals? Take our quiz and find out.

Posted 8 March 2010