Mad Mail: Goldman Screams Sell, But Buys Anyway?

Dear Jim: Thanks for directing our attention to the Apple train. The morning after your show, when you said that AAPL was going to break out, it did. I bought some shares and rode it out of the station! Thanks for your timely research and advice.
-Lois in Massachusetts

Cramer says: “You know what, here’s how I always respond to things like that: People told me that was a great call Apple. I’ll give you three calls that I blew. I’ll tell you things I did wrong. Because you know what, you start talking about the calls that you did right, then you are just a big joker.”

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Jim: In December 2009, Goldman Sachs put Harley Davidson on their conviction-sell list with a $23 target. Insider holdings data on shows Goldman actually increased their holdings in HOG during the fourth quarter of ‘09 from 400,000 shares to over 4.5 million shares. What gives? What allows Goldman to downgrade a stock while buying it hand over fist? -James in North Carolina

Cramer says: “That’s a very good question. The answer is, very separate divisions. The asset division is differently run from the research. They can often be in conflict. It is not dictated by the Goldman research. That’s separate portfolio managers. But that is a great question, and the optics are quite horrible.”

Dear Jim: A Big Bolshevik Booyah from the Left Coast! If commercial real estate isn’t as bad as some think, what about Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund? As an ETF, the risk is pretty even. From its history, the fund might double in price. Did I mention it earns a 5.6% dividend? -Rick in California

Cramer says: “I don’t know that particular real estate fund. But I do know Cohen & Steers, and they are some of the best real estate investors in the world. You are not going to go wrong with them.”
Mr. Cramer: Today in morning trading, ON Semiconductor was down 5% on a story saying it can't demand for their chips. Isn't this a high-quality problem? -Dave in California

Cramer says: “You have horse-sense. The people that were selling it were nothing more than a bunch of cowboys.”

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