2 Things to Like About Our Contest

Have you noticed our contest? Hot Maserati and all that?

Yawn. I'm not that big into contests. And since most of the time I'm too lazy to jump through


the hoops to play them, I tend to ignore them. The latest one on our Web site may be an exception though. And I'm not saying that because I'm a CNBC employee. There are two good reasons to like this particular contest.

First, this contest is simple. You just guess where the Dow is going to end up. Simple is good ... especially in this world of derivatives, mezzanine financing and contango.

Second, this contest is predictive. Our number crunchers here are finding that as more people play the game, and we're getting quite a few, the average guess is getting closer to the actual result. Pretty darn close, in fact. And that reaffirms the idea that markets work and, when unimpeded, will naturally move to correct result. And with so much that has gone wrong with markets in the last couple of years, it's nice to have that reassurance.