Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

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How long did Jeffrey Skilling serve as Enron's chief executive officer before resigning?

  1. 1 week
  2. 6 months
  3. 2 years
  4. 10 years

In February 2001, Jeffrey Skilling was moving up in the world. He had given up his long tenure as Enron's chief operating officer to assume the mantle of CEO, a first-class title if there ever was one. Then, a mere six months later, he resigned the post. Prior to the resignation, he had allegedly dumped 450,000 shares for an estimated $33 million, but he assured stockholders that his resignation had "nothing to do with Enron," citing the ever-popular "personal reasons" for his hasty exit instead.

SOURCE: Enron's Chief Executive Quits After Only 6 Months in Job | New York Times