Did Coin Flip Cost Jets Money?

The NFL announced yesterday that, thanks to a coin flip performed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the New York Giants will be the team that will open the new stadium they share with the Jets this fall.

NY Jets
NY Jets

Jets owner Woody Johnson was upset since both parties weren't present to actually see the coin flip take place.

As a result of winning the flip, the Giants will open the stadium on Sunday, with the Jets playing the next day on Monday Night Football.

So what is Johnson really upset about? Is it about honor or is it about money?

Steve Rosner, co-founder of 16W Marketing, a sports marketing firm whose name is based on the name of the exit where the stadium is, says it's about honor.

"It's hard to say it's money," Rosner said. "I think it's more about the fact they wanted this, especially after being treated as second-class citizens of sorts as tenants at Giants Stadium."

Rosner said there might be more money to be made on the secondary market -- which the Giants don't control -- from being the very first game, but Rosner said he didn't think it would help them sell more personal seat licenses than the Jets.

"I think if the Jets are creative they can do just as well selling sponsorships or doing business from their game," Rosner said. "There is an argument to be made that, from an exposure standpoint, Monday night is even better."