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After accidents involving the hinges on their strollers, how did the Maclaren company compensate its customers?

  1. They advised customers to keep their children's fingers out of the hinges when closing the stroller
  2. They advised customers to watch the hinge very carefully when closing the stroller
  3. They filed for bankruptcy and shut down the company
  4. They offered all their customers free hinge guards upon request

For years, the Maclaren company was synonymous with reliable, affordable strollers. That is, of course, until they released a statement that parents should stop using any model of folding strollers that they had manufactured in the past ten years, as 12 children had their fingers badly injured in its folding hinge. Maclaren offered free hinge covers through its website and toll-free number, both of which became so overloaded by fretful parents that they were almost useless for the first day of the recall. According to Time magazine, the incident severely damaged the Maclaren brand name. "Prior to Monday, its strollers had a reputation for dependability. Now they're the ones that could cut kids' fingers off."

SOURCE: Maclaren's Stroller Recall: A Stumbling Response Online | Time