Shipbuilding Stocks to Set Sail, Buy Indian Banks

As governments around the world start to wind down their stimulus packages, investors should position their portfolios for an expected 10 percent market correction that is set to follow, said Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio management at Barclays.

"We're telling our clients to be prepared for those opportunities when they come by, because we do believe overall that Asian economies (will) continue to grow," Niem said on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

"There is a body of investors that are doubtful about that, and as these people come around, the markets should move higher. So we advocate looking at opportunities to put money to work," he added.

Niem said it is important to look at sectors that will benefit -- like shipbuilding. Despite underperforming in the broader Asian markets by 30 percent over the past 12 months, Niem said continued global growth means more demand for ships, and more ships, mean more ship builders. He lists Daewoo Shipbuilding as his pick for this sector.

Another opportunity in the lurches -- banking in India. Historically, as the U.S. economy starts to recover, and confidence returns, so does lending, Niem said. And with lending growth expected to pick up in that region, Niem said he believes it is ripe for investments.

"We like the fact that the Indian budget recently pledged to decrease the budget deficit as a percentage of GDP and we think this will take some of the pressure off the increase in long-term interest rates in India, which will also be beneficial for the Indian banks, so that's why we like the sector," he noted.

Niem's final suggestions included food and beverage stocks in China. After having excellent profits in 2009, Niem said that growth is expected to continue in that sector.

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