Big East Loses $4 Million Yesterday

The Georgetown Hoyas mascot.
Getty Images
The Georgetown Hoyas mascot.

The Big East came into the NCAA Tournament with eight teams and a chance to make a whole lot of money. But with three of its four teams — Notre Dame, Marquette and Georgetown — going down yesterday, the Big East lost nearly $4 million.

Each game is worth $222,206 a year, which is paid out in each of the next six years. That makes each game worth $1,333,236.

So the failure of the Irish, the Golden Eagles and the Hoyas to get to another game cost a total of $3,999,708 in potential future earnings.

The Big East typically leads all conferences in game payouts.

The conference earned $23,109,436 for the 104 games it appeared in from 2004-2009.

The ACC came in second over that time period with its appearance in 82 games worth $18,220,902.

Villanova, the only Big East winner from yesterday, struggled to beat No. 15 Robert Morris, 73-70 in overtime.

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