Note to Mom: Getting an Education

Wanted to share an email note sent to one of our staffers by her 11-year-old daughter ... apparently she's very concerned about impending budget cuts to the state's education budget.

"""""""mom! can you ask your boss something right NOW!!!! its really important!!! i need you to ask your boss if on a section of every web/blog or some of them, if we can put up a section ... and say to start petitions and write letters and send them to (the governor) to tell HIM he's ruining our education. HE'S making it imposible for us to learn and express ourselves. no wait! giveme your bosses number PLZ mommy! PLZ! help me out on this. for both the present AND the future! PLZ mom help ME make a difference! """"""""""""""

Two things to be glad about here.

One: Activism is alive in our young people. (They are not video zombies ... at least not all of them).

Two: They understand the importance of media and the Internet.

Good thing they are learning something before the cuts go into effect.